3D WebView for iOS

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Easily display and interact with webpages in 3D using the Unity web browser plugin trusted by hundreds of developers. See the developer site for full documentation.


System requirements

  • Unity 2017.3 or above
  • iOS 10+, supports both Metal and OpenGL

Important notes and limitations

  • Product downloads are provided through the Vuplex Developer Dashboard.
  • This package only supports iOS. To support other platforms, you can install additional 3D WebView packages (Windows and macOS, Android, UWP). All of the 3D WebView packages work seamlessly together, so all you need to do is install them into the same project, and then 3D WebView automatically detects and uses the correct plugin at runtime and build time.
  • 3D WebView's native iOS plugins are provided as precompiled libraries, and the native source code for them is not provided.
  • 3D WebView's native iOS plugins can't run in the editor, so a mock webview implementation is used by default while running in the editor. However, you can actually load and render real web content in the editor by also installing 3D WebView for Windows and macOS into the project.
  • Regular HTML5 video tags and videos on popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook work well, but some 3rd-party JS video widgets do not function as expected.
  • The web rendering frame rate of the iOS plugin is relatively slow (<15 FPS) due to iOS limitations. The exception to this is video, which is rendered at a high frame rate.
  • The iOS plugin doesn't support hover or drag-and-drop interactions.
  • The iOS plugin doesn't support WebGL.
  • The iOS plugin embeds PDF.js from Mozilla, so you must display a copy of its included Apache 2.0 license in your iOS app's about page or credits.
  • All other files are licensed under the Vuplex Commercial Library License.